Cleaning Your Spooly

When I was in makeup school, one of the things that was stressed was the importance of cleanliness, hygiene, and the constant cleaning and sterilizing of our tools.  Because of this, I’ve formed the habit of deep cleaning my brushes at the end of a work day, and I also make sure I use my brush cleaner in between jobs so I go to the next one with a clean set.

This doesn’t only apply to professionals.  I have so many times heard women say when asked if they wash their brushes, “I just use these on myself.”  There is this misconception that just because we don’t lend our brushes to anyone else, no creepy crawlies will breed on them.  What we tend to forget is, the longer product sits on your unwashed brushes, the more it becomes a breeding ground for germs & bacteria.  This leaves you open to getting eye infections and skin irritations.

I’ve noticed that from all the tools, the spooly brush often gets over looked.  We use this brush to apply waterproof mascara and brow gel.  It’s tiny and tightly packed bristles are difficult to clean between.

So how do we make sure we remove all that gunk from this tool?  Use a toothbrush!

Cleaning Spooly

If you are deep cleaning, use an antibacterial soap and brush the head of the spooly to get rid of the product that has dried in between the bristles.  Rinse under running water while still brushing with the toothbrush.  You may also spray with a brush cleaner and use the toothbrush to remove the softened product.  Do not press your spooly to prevent misshaping it.  Simply lay it flat to dry.