A Hair Care Change


Last April, I decided to do something radical with my hair and I had it bleached three times. That’s when I learned the true meaning of ‘dry hair.’ Not only was my hair dry, it was also extremely sensitive and brittle. This made me look at my hair care products and change them.


The first thing I did was switch to a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. These products cost a little more than ordinary shampoos but they’re worth it. Here’s why:

Sulfates are chemicals that are found in many products we use around the house and in a lot of our personal care products. It’s what makes our shampoos, soaps, and detergents bubble. Their role is to separate dirt from surfaces allowing water to wash them away. Good? Yes. But this chemical does it’s job so well that it not removes the dirt, it also strips off the natural oils our bodies produce to keep our skin, scalp and hair moisturized. This results in very clean but drier hair.

Sulfates also cause hair lightening so for those with color treated hair, it means your dye will fade faster.


The second change I made was to religiously use a hair masque. I do this once a week. And to give my hair a major boost of vitamins and moisture, I mix a little macadamia nut oil into the treatment. This stuff literally saved my hair. It costs a pretty penny (P795 for a 30ml bottle) but a little goes a long way. It’s packed with vitamins and mimics the natural sebum produced by the scalp. I also use it to control frizz during bad hair days. The best part is,  it isn’t thick and greasy so it doesn’t weigh down my hair or make it look oily.  It’s easily absorbed by the hair shaft and by the skin so I get that added moisture pretty instantly.  An added benefit is that it also has natural UV protection properties!

My hair has special needs because of all the trauma it has gone through – it’s dry and extremely damaged. I used to take my shampoo and styling products for granted but it took this experience for me to seriously take a look at what  I use everyday and make healthier choices.