Eye Lining Basics

A friend asked me to do a post on different ways of how to line one’s eyes.  In this video, I share how I line my own eyes and a trick on how it’s easier for me to do.

The product I used is the Inglot AMC Gel Liner.  This product is very creamy so it’s easy to blend and it’s also extremely waterproof!  It also comes in different colors.

The brush I’m using is the Bdellium Bent Liner Brush.  This tool is very useful when lining your own eyes because of the crook on the ferrule of the brush.  This allows you to see your progress as you draw in the line on your lid.

You can order Bdellium brushes online in the Philippines.  Here are some of the stores online that carry them:

Kiss n’ Makeup Store
Digital Traincase (DTC Makeup)